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Sony NWZ-WS613 4 GB WS Series Waterproof Bluetooth MP3 Player – Blue

November 19, 2015 - Comment

BT, Remote 4GB, Blue Product Features NWZWS613L.CEW

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BT, Remote 4GB, Blue

Product Features



Chris C says:

Far too quiet. 0

ababyotter says:

Sadly, it’s too good to be true. I really wanted to like these. I’ve always been a big Sony fan and the promise of being able to swim with music was too tempting.So! They actually work very well, both as a stand alone walkman and as a bluetooth headset. The basic design concept is excellent and they fit well, rarely coming loose even when swimming. The controls are a little fiddly but work well once you’ve acclimatised. Sound quality is excellent. The charging cradle arrangement is particularly good and works well for storing/protecting the headset too. NB you can’t use the little finger control in the water which surely is the whole point of it.. fail Sony.BUT, here’s the problem:To use them in the water, you have to put special waterproof earbuds on. These earbuds are exactly the same as normal ones, except they have a “very thin” membrane stretched across the audio canal.. Now, ladies and gents, what happens when you put your fingers in your ears? That’s right…

Anonymous says:

This is my second pair of Sony NWZ-W wireless player. I was so eager to purchase this new player after my old one W252 died after 4 years of use.*I’ve purchased a pair from , but I want to post my review here as well. It might be useful for others, as other reviews are for me every time I order something from online sites.This are, in my opinion, the + points:+ Completely wireless, no cords, no tangling, easy to fit, comfortable to wear;+ Nice modern design in a beautiful turquoise / grey color (maybe Sony will do a purple / black one next);+ Bluetooth and NFC function, plus integrated microphone for receiving calls;+ Easy pairing with my Sony Xperia Z2. Love the fact that I can use this as headphones for YouTube, Soundcloud, VLC and so on;+ 4 GB memory, enough for a stand alone mp3 player;+ The remote control is a very nice and practical addition;+ I like the fact that you can actually swim with them, but I…

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